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After the experimental "Pink Flamingo" years, Tyler Stiller found himself thirsty for the next step. He had a book full of songs and a head full of directions. "During the Pink Flamingo sessions I was still writing and haven't stopped, even until after I finished tracking this record. I had literally dozens to hundreds of songs written  and couldn't figure out what to do with them. " said Stiller. "The only constant I could think was which of these are my "best" and those would be the songs I would track for the record." 

Stiller continues, "The Hired Guns was a joking name I spit out when asked what I wanted a flyer to display. I hadn't played a show "full band" in a long time and before this had always played in a band, not with a band behind me. It felt like I was robbing the band of the credit they deserved to the performance and later to the songs that are on the record if I didn't credit their artistic contribution. Neither would be what they were and are without them being a part of it and the process."

Tyler Stiller and The Hired Guns is an album that Stiller has always wanted to write. Sonically and constructively. Tracked live Stiller was able to capture the energy of the band and also work with his home base Cory Pollard of House Productions.

The first single "Green Lights" dropperd  August 19, 2022 and the full album digitally released on November 4, 2022. 



GREEN LIGHTS out today on all streaming platforms 

From the kitchen to the table these songs on this upcoming record have been alluring. There were three songs we had not rehearsed prior to tracking and “Green Lights” was one of them. I was set on tracking this album live to capture the bands energy, so we ran through the song three or four times and that was that. 

This song means many things to me… so I’ll keep simple and leave it there. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.




PFV2 is probably the most conceptual group of songs I’ve written and recorded. A little background on the EP. For me, these songs are like opening a time capsule from where I was when I wrote and recorded them. They were written over a two week span along with the songs from PFV1 and, for the most part, all of them were tracked in 2017 along with the songs on PFV1. Originally I was going to release them all together but it didn’t make sense with where I was in my life at that point, and I really don’t think the songs for this EP would have been what they are today if I would have pushed through with them then. 

With my friend, mate and the always outstanding Cory Pollard at House Productions on board with engineering and co-producing this EP I am and will be forever grateful. He always knows where my mind’s at when we start tracking and has such an ability for pulling on the right strings in my creative headspace to translate it to something attainable. Not to mention he’s a master of his craft. 

I also consider myself EXTREMELY fortunate to have some of the Louisville and southern Indiana area’s finest musicians on these songs. Each of them are extraordinary in their own sphere of talent and they bring this EP to a level I couldn’t have done without them! Thanks Jake Badger, Scott Edelen, Anna Blanton, Mike Hood, Juliana Rodriguez, Mauriece Hamilton, Ryan Nottingham, and Mike Smith for your amazing talent! And thanks Mickie Winters for the outstanding photography! 

A lot of time has passed since these songs were written and I’ve written a boat load of new material in that span of time but I wouldn’t change any of the process I went through to get these songs to you all!

Tyler Stiller

Small town Floyd county, IN kid, Tyler Stiller made his name in New Albany, IN starting out as a guitar instructor for the local music store. Stiller's blues and rock roots sound have been compared to Gary Clark Jr., John Mayer, and hints of The Black Keys.

Stiller's initial professional performing career started with a five piece folk-rock group Field of Kings. The group was a well oiled machine that played the mid-west area for the better of four years that joined the bills with many accomplished artists such as Moon Taxi, Red Wanting Blue (@ Bogarts Cincinnati), Secondhand Serenade , and Ten Years. However, as many bands demise stems from artistic differences, Field of Kings met an equal ending. 

Stiller took this extended time to reconnect and establish a new sound that he could stand behind and push with force again. This brought him to the guitar driven blues-rock style that is demonstrated through his impressive debut solo EP Pink Flamingo: Volume One with single "Stella"  that shines shades of Fleetwood Mac's Rumours. 

Pink Flamingo: Volume Two brought even more experimental creation to Stiller's discography with "Global Rhythm" kicking off the second instalment of this venture with it's psychedelic and groovy tones. The elegant string arrangements by the spectacular Anna Blanton on "Behind Our Fathers" levels the playing field and demonstrates the true diversity of what Pink Flamingo could sonically touch.

The latest adventure Stiller explored  has been tracking his record titled Tyler Stiller and the Hired Guns. This group of songs was recorded live because Stiller wanted to get the energy of the band and has always been something he has wanted to do. "I wanted to make a definitive point in including the band in the album title. These songs wouldn't be what they are without them. 

"Writing songs and playing them is just what I do, and if it means others can sing along and enjoy it too.. I couldn't ask for more than that." -Stiller 





At A Glance

"This Ain't Heaven" live from C&H Warehouse in Louisville, KY

"This Ain't Heaven" live from C&H Warehouse in Louisville, KY

Tyler Stiller and the Hired Guns album promo

Tyler Stiller and the Hired Guns album promo

Pink Flamingo Volume Two

Pink Flamingo Volume Two

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