GREEN LIGHTS out today on all streaming platforms

From the kitchen to the table these songs on this upcoming record have been alluring. There were three songs we had not rehearsed prior to tracking and “Green Lights” was one of them. I was set on tracking this album…

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Photographs by Winters Photography Co.


PFV2 is probably the most conceptual group of songs I’ve written and recorded. A little background on the EP. For me, these songs are like opening a time capsule from where I was when I wrote and recorded them. They…

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Mickie Winters Photography

New video, live performance & more

We had a great evening working with Cory Pollard (House Productions) at Louisville's audio & visual company C&H for a live stream performance. Details to come. 

Desperados Under the Moon release

This song is special to me in a way that it always lifts me up and I can put it to any day I’m having and feel better after playing it. It’s about struggle, hope, grit, open mindedness, and finding…

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